“SRTA” Completes its Preparations for Eid with 4400 Trips Between Cities

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) announced the completion of its expanded operational plan, and its preparations, to transport its daily passengers, during Eid Al-Adha, by increasing the number of daily trips to reach 4,400 trips, throughout the 4-day holiday.

Eng. Youssef Khamis Al Othmani, Chairman of the SRTA, revealed that the SRTA took into consideration, during its Eid Al-Adha preparations, the need to keep pace with the numbers of passengers that will use the stations and, accordingly, the full operational capacity of transportation lines was raised to reach 170%, with 1,100 trips, 50,000 passengers, per day.

It is expected that after raising the operational capacity of all transportation lines during the holiday, it will be matched by an increase in the number of passengers on daily trips, so, the total number of passengers will reach 50,000 passengers per day, Eng. Youssef Khamis Al Othmani explained. Pointing out that the number of daily buses will witness an actual increase with a view to accommodate station users during the holiday to reach 180 buses.

He also indicated that the SRTA's buses run daily on 15 main lines between cities, and the buses frequency vary according to the roads and the transportation times. In order to ensure the smooth trips and to avoid congestion at the stations, the SRTA has reduced the buses frequency time to range from 05 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on each route, stressing that this step will raise the operational capacity of the trips. Which will be greatly reflected in the level of service provided to the public, which aims to provide flexible and easy trips at times that suit all the requirements of transportation users in the Emirate.

The Director of the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority “SRTA” for Transportation Affairs, Abdulaziz Al-Jarwan, confirmed that through previous studies that were prepared to develop work mechanisms at the Jubail station, and to provide best practices in customer service, especially during feasts and occasions in the UAE, additional new outlets for ticket sales have been developed inside the stations. He explained that these outlets have been added to the main points of sale inside the buses, as this step comes to ensure that passengers do not delay inside the station by distributing the numbers arriving to it to the sales outlets, in order to avoid congestion.

He also stated that the increase in the number of station users during the Eid holiday is among the observed challenges that were included in the pre-operational plan, so the SRTA worked to strengthen the main station and sub-stations with additional monitors, to ensure the regularity of the operational process, and follow up on bus compliance with trip times, in addition to increasing the number of security guards. With a view to control the movement of passengers to and from buses, achieve safety and prevention standards, in addition to adhering to the implementation of preventive measures represented in physical distancing between individuals, in order to preserve the safety of all.

Al-Jarwan affirmed the SRTA’s full commitment to meet the needs of all station users, from the moment they arrive at the station or before it, through the call center, which is concerned with receiving calls and responding to inquiries about trip schedules, ticket prices, complaints, and other inquiries, 24 hours a day.