Director's Message

Due to rapid development witnessed in the Emirate of Sharjah in the sectors of economics, urban, culture and tourism and in accordance with the directions of our prudent leadership to the effect of providing a safe and sustainable Transport infrastructure and network, we provide taxi services based on about 5000 taxi vehicles, some of which are allocated to serve families and duly operated by female drivers.

Moreover, we established a public transport network, which transports passengers by buses within the City of Sharjah through systematic routes and bus stops. We also paid attention to passengers of Inter-City Transport services based on providing luxury and safe buses for launching systemic trips to transport passengers among the cities of the UAE.

In addition, we launched the service of luxury (Limousine) vehicles in order to satisfy the needs of all sectors who request such type of vehicles. As for maritime transport sector, we are currently working on organizing and providing the service of sea boats.

Aiming to maintain the level of the provided services in order to keep up with the highest quality standards and international development, in order to control this sector and to achieve the Authority's strategic objectives by providing safe and sustainable transport, we established specific department assigned for controlling the transport activities, through which violations can be issued against any person who breaches rules and regulations set forth by the Authority.

Abdelaziz Mohamed ALJarwan

Director of Transport Affairs