Terms and Conditions

Having read the terms & conditions of Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority, you agree to enter and use the website for legitimate purposes only and you became informed in full of all laws, regulations, terms and conditions related to using the website. However, immediately upon your logging on to the website, you are banned from doing the following:

  1. - To use the Authority's logo or the website contents, without a prior consent of the Authority, since they are protected by the intellectual property rules applicable in the UAE.
  2. - To use the website for committing a crime or induce others to be involved therein
  3. - To use the website for committing identity thefts.
  4. - To use the website in order to upload any material containing viruses, espionage files, computer codes, files or programs which may lead to changing, damaging or impeding the operation of the website or any device or program belonging to any person logging on to the website.
  5. - To post or disseminate any advertisement, advertising material or any kind of promotional materials.
  6. - To change, damage or delete any content on the website.
  7. - To interrupt the normal connection lines in whatever method
  8. - To compile or store the personal information of other persons.
  9. By using this website, the users confirm that they are well informed on the right and legal ability which Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority have to enter to such users' devices, smart phones, digital cameras, e-diaries as well as the various applications downloaded to their devices.
  10. Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority have the right to terminate or suspend your logging in or using this website without the need to a prior notice in case you breach one of the terms or conditions or conduct any behavior which Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority discerns as violating its rules.
  11. Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority shall have the right to amend such terms & conditions at any time. However, in case of any amendments, a relevant notice will be posted on this page and such amendment shall be binding regarding any person who log therein after posting the mentioned notice.