Director's Message

Due to the accelerated growth currently witnessed in the Emirate of Sharjah, which require rehabilitation for the facilities of the infrastructure based on the highest global standards and to enhance the levels of the provided services, including providing roads network that matching with the sustainable development plans in order to serve the community in Sharjah.

Roads Affairs at the Roads & Transport Authority is handling the issuance of legislations and the strategic plans together with providing solutions in compliance with the comprehensive development plans in the Emirate as per the highest standards of traffic safety in order to create a smooth traffic in the roads network.

Moreover, Roads Affairs is following up the execution of roads projects in the Emirate which represents in construction of main roads, highways and internal roads together with any relevant works, such as constructing bridges or tunnels as well as the related infrastructural works from the stage of design up to inauguration.

Therefore, we embrace the most sophisticated technology as well as the best specialized companies. Besides, we coordinate with all the relevant entities, which demonstrates our commitment to providing a highly competent roads network in accordance with the highest international standards.

Furthermore, our doors are open for all and we encourage positive interaction. We have work teams who are on patrol around all the roads in the Emirate in order to solve any potential complaints and to do the necessary maintenance works properly.

Eng. Sulaiman Abdelrahman Al Hajri

Director of the Authority for Roads Affairs