About Sayer Card


Sayer Card in Buses:

You will be able to prove being smart in your travel in the City of Sharjah by utilizing Sayer Card and you can purchase and recharge Sayer Cards on Mwasalat buses by paying the price to the driver. With such feature you have become able to save your precious time without the need to go to the station in order to buy and recharge Sayer Card.

Advantage of Registering a Sayer Card:

A registered Sayer card is incorporated on a list, hence, the amount deposited into the card shall be secured in case your card is lost, stolen or damaged. Moreover, you will  able  to  cease  the  usage of the card in order to shift your details and balance into a replaced card.

Upon registering a Sayer Card in the name of a specific person, the same card cannot be re-registered in another person's name.    

Note: Unregistered Sayer Card may not be replaced nor the balance be transferred.

Type of Sayer Card:

  1. - Blue Card: 6 Dhs for the ticket by using the main sayer card, that gives 25% off on the main ticket.
  2. - Gray Card: monthly subscription card that cost 225 Dhs with unlimited trips during one month.
  3. - White Card: A special card issued by the Roads and Transport Authority in Sharjah for the disabled, the elderly and the beneficiaries of social assistance.It           is an official document that enables the owner to use the public transport service within Sharjah city free of charge.We confirmed to give this card for the first line of defense for one year

Where can we recharge Sayer Card?

On the bus: Sayer Cards can be recharged on Mwasalat buses and you can just ask the driver to do it.

How can a Sayer Card be recharged on the bus?

  1. - Use any of Mwasalat buses, then ask the driver to recharge your Sayer Card.
  2. - Fix the amount of charging your card and give it to the driver.
  3. - Take your Sayer Card along with the relevant receipt.
  4. - The receipt shall state the amount deposited into the card together with the amount added thereto.

Options of Buying & Recharge Sayer Card:

You can buy and recharge a Sayer card from the bus stations or on Mwasalat buses through asking the drivers to sell it to you as per the following three options: 

  • - AED 50 = containing a prepaid balance of AED 45.
  • - AED 95 = containing a prepaid balance of AED 90.
  • - AED 185 = containing a prepaid balance of AED 180.

Buses: Use Mowasalat buses and request a new Sayer Card from the driver.

NoteInitial cost of one Sayer Card is AED 5.

Register your Sayer Card:

You can register your Sayer Card by filling Sayer Card Registration Form on the website: www.mowasalat.ae or, otherwise, you may visit nearest sale outlet.

Kindly provide the following details in order to finalize the registration form process: 

  • - Your full name.
  • - Address
  • - Date of birth
  • - Sayer Card No.
  • - Your ID Card No.
  • - Contact details (email, mobile number or telephone number)
  • In order to be informed of the bus arrival time, you just need to send an SMS stating the number of your bus stop to the number: 2272. 
  • Fees of this service is AED 1.

Why Sayer Cards are smarter means of travel?

  • - It is convenient and no need to take money with you.
  • - It becomes easier to get on buses with no need to buy paper tickets since you just need to pass your card on the reading machine.