Speech of His Excellency the Chairman on the Anniversary of Zayed Humanitarian Day

It is without a doubt that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may Allah have mercy on his soul - was a unique figure and set the most wonderful examples witnessed by those near and far in the humanitarian work sectors by implementing humanitarian projects for the well-being and development of developing countries and providing all means of aid and assistance to the poor and needy in all parts of the world without regard to gender, color, race, sect or religion, due to his strong belief in the spirit of human brotherhood that unites and does not separate, no matter how different sects and doctrines, His Excellency Eng. Yousef Saleh Al Suwaiji, Chairman of the SRTA said.

He added: The late was keen to extend a hand to all (states and individuals) in various crises and adversities, and thanks to his wisdom, he succeeded in establishing and consolidating the fundamentals and ethics of humanitarian work based on tolerance and respect for the other in the hearts of the UAE people, so that such generous and tolerant human qualities became one of the most important characteristics of the UAE people, and our country became an honorable model in humanitarian work initiatives at the international level.

His Excellency continued, saying: The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was a role model in the sectors of humanitarian work, and his bright life in this field is indeed appreciated by all institutions and is receiving the attention and respect of the whole world. Especially since all the works that he was done by him, may Allah have mercy on his soul, were so effective at putting a smile and relieving the pain and suffering of thousands of needy people in many countries across the world and clearly and actively contributed to achieving a decent and happy life for the children of different peoples, clearly stating that this great human legacy is with no doubt a pride badge on the chest of every UAE citizen.

Engineer Al-Suwaiji affirmed that the amazing footprints of Sheikh Zayed, "may God rest his soul" in the various sectors of humanitarian work, are deemed an inspiration source and basic pillars for all citizens in order to keep giving in all sectors of humanitarian work and achieving happiness among the masses without discrimination.