Speech of His Excellency Engineer Youssef Saleh Al-Suwaiji on the occasion of the year “Fifty”

His Excellency Engineer Yousef Saleh Al-Suwaiji, Chairman of the Roads and Transport Authority in the Government of Sharjah, Member of the Executive Council of the Emirate, declared that the United Arab Emirates was able, within a short period of its founding by the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, to defeat the impossible and write its name in golden letters in the records of history, and achieve the number "One" in all regional and international forums that it has fought. The United Arab Emirates proves to everyone that the ambitions of the Emirates and aspirations of its people do not stop at a specific point, and that there is no way to reach the summit except through work, perseverance and determination to achieve successes.

His Excellency the Chairman of the Authority confirmed that the world is closely following the successes after the successes the UAE achieved and is still achieving day after day and monitors and chronicles this unique experience of the establishment of the state and the tremendous transformations that have occurred in all aspects of life, which made it better and one of the most important global destinations for living, stability, investment and education.

His Excellency Engineer Al-Suwaiji added: the tremendous qualitative leaps the UAE has made in various scientific, economic, urban, political, civilizational, humanitarian and other sectors enabled the country to exist strongly within the ranks of developed countries, and the UAE has already become an honorable Arab model to be emulated, the focus of attention of the whole world and a source of inspiration for many countries that have actually started implementing this successful experience of the state in various fields.

And he continued, "The UAE, with wisdom of leadership, succeeded in launching the Hope Probe and became one of the seven countries that study the Red Planet. The UAE also managed to produce electricity from "Barakah Nuclear Reactor”, and efficiently launched the first environmental satellite, in addition to 11 satellites during the last ten years, in addition to the pioneering and large project in the fields of moon exploration which made the UAE the fourth country in the world to participate in the discoveries of the moon for scientific purposes.

His Excellency Engineer Yousef Al-Suwaiji confirmed that the achievements witnessed by the country over the past fifty years in all different sectors are a source of pride for every citizen and resident on the land of the Emirates, as well as a source of pride for all Arab countries.