More Trips and Less Transit Time in Eid Al-Fitr

His Excellency Eng. Yousef Saleh Al Suwaiji: 95 Buses are available to transport the passengers across the cities and zero violation of the precautionary measures recorded since the beginning of this year.

The Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority (SRTA), represented by the Inter-city Department, confirmed its readiness to transport the passengers across all the cities and regions of the UAE during Eid Al-Fitr, through its diverse fleet of buses.

The competent authorities have developed plans to increase the number of trips, limit the transit time, adopt measures to face the emergencies or the sudden breakdowns of buses. Furthermore, the plan included increasing the number of security guards in order to regulate the passenger flow within all the bus stations of the SRTA.

SRTA stated that all buses are comprehensively sterilized on a daily basis and after each trip with a view to ensure the safety of passengers from the risks of infection with the Coronavirus, stressing that no violations of non-compliance with instructions and precautionary measures have been recorded among passengers since the beginning of this year.

SRTA also called on all passengers to fully adhere to the precautionary measures and requirements in the stations and during trips, by wearing masks and not taking them off in order to preserve the health and safety of everyone, stressing that violators of these instructions will be referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary measures against them.

It confirmed that all tickets can be obtained inside the buses and it is available and affordable to all, stressing that no extra-fees to be imposed during the Eid.

SRTA owns a modern transport fleet that conforms to the best international requirements and standards, in order to ensure the provision of the best transportation services for passengers throughout the UAE, stressing that all buses and vehicles of the SRTA are equipped with all necessary luxuries and comfort amenities and that SRTA is keen on conducting a comprehensive and partial maintenance operations to all buses with a view to ensure its readiness to transport passengers, His Excellency Eng. Yousef Saleh Al-Suwaiji, Chairman of the SRTA, said

The Intercity Transport Department has completed all arrangements for the transportation of passengers during the blessed Eid Al Fitr, by setting strict precautionary and preventive plans in view of the current circumstances of the Corona pandemic, in addition to adopting technical plans to facilitate the movement of transportation, starting from the arrival of the passenger to the station, all the way to his destination, comfortably and without any obstacles, the Chairman of the SRTA added.

His Excellency Eng. Al-Suwaiji indicated that he instructed the competent authorities at SRTA of the necessity of immediate and instant dealing with all emergencies and sudden breakdowns of buses "if any" and to overcome any difficulties they may encounter during passenger transport trips.

On his part, Abdulaziz Al-Jarwan, Director of the Authority for Transportation Affairs, confirmed that all buses are fully equipped to ensure the transportation of passengers during the blessed Eid Al Fitr easily and conveniently. A total of 95 buses distributed over 13 lines, consisting of "9" lines of the SRTA and "4" lines of the Dubai RTA, will be operated to transport passengers between all cities and regions of the UAE throughout the days of Eid, He Explained.

Al-Jarwan stated that the SRTA has adopted some preventive and other technical plans with regard to the transportation of passengers from the stations to their various destinations, including increasing the number of trips and reducing the transit time, in addition to the application of social distancing inside buses by setting the occupancy rate of the internal bus capacity to 50 percent only.

Regarding the emergency plan followed during the Eid, Khaled Al Khayal, Manager of the Intercity Transport Department, has explained that we have fully coordinated with the various relevant departments to confront and fix any sudden breakdowns of buses during that period in a manner ensuring that all passengers arrive their destinations during the specified times, and avoiding any delay in this regard.

The competent authorities in SRTA have not detected any violations regarding non-compliance with instructions and preventive guidelines on the part of passengers since the beginning of this year, whether in the stations or inside the buses; Khaled Al Khayal affirmed. Pointing out that there are clear and explicit instructions in this regard regarding not allowing the entry of passengers other than those who are complied with precautionary measures inside the stations and buses in general, in order to preserve the health and safety of all passengers from the risks of infection with Coronavirus.

Al Khayal also indicated that all buses undergo, daily and after each trip, a complete sterilization processes, including seats, corridors, entrances, exits, handles and others with a view to ensure their safety and the absence of any internal contaminants.

The tickets prices of the buses are affordable for everyone, as it starts from a minimum of 6 dirhams to a maximum of 33 dirhams, according to the passenger destination, he said.