international Transportation Day

The world celebrates the International Transportation Day every year on the first of November, in order to encourage the use of public transport as a mean transportation, given its important role in preserving the environment from pollutants resulting from the traditional fuels used by vehicles, and in reducing congestion and traffic jam.

His excellency explained that SRTA makes huge efforts and launches many initiatives that support the mass transportation system and promote public transportation in order to achieve a sustainable development, which included adopting and embracing sustainable innovations made in the field of transportation. These efforts and initiatives contribute to achievement of our plan towards an environmentally sustainable and civilized transport. Further, in order to keep pace with population growth and the resulting traffic densities, all concerned bodies are obliged to find alternative and environmental solutions when developing transport infrastructure.

Besides its fleet of interurban buses and public transport buses that roam the emirate's streets, SRTA launch the first electric bus of its kind in the emirate, which is considered a quantum leap in the means of transportation in Sharjah, and an ambitious step towards promotion of the idea of sustainable transport, as one of the main axes needed for reaching an eco-friendly and more energy efficient transport systems, and reducing carbon emissions from traditional fuels.

He also confirmed that SRTA is working, through well-thought-out plans, on providing all attractions to encourage people to use public transportation, and on developing everything new in this field to meet the needs of users of mass transportation. SRTA has launched 28 air-conditioned passenger waiting stations across Sharjah as a first stage, and the rest areas of the emirate will be covered in the next stages.

SRTA also operates a fleet of modern taxi vehicles, which are constantly developed and updated. This fleet includes more than 750 hybrid vehicles operating with electricity and petrol to preserve the environment.

It is noteworthy that SRTA announced the launch of new On-Demand Mobility service in Sharjah, and adoption of a fleet of electric vehicles of Tesla "S Model " and "3 Model" by the end of 2020. The service will be available in the Emirate of Sharjah at first and will be extended to the rest of the Emirates later. This service will be provided in partnership with a company called "ION" Sustainable and Smart Mobility Solutions based in the UAE.

The new service will be made available through an application on the mobile phone, where passengers can view the estimated time of arrival, the number of vehicles in nearby neighborhoods, in addition to the advantage of using the “Ion” service in preservation of the environment.