Completion of a square linking Tilal to Al Raqiba

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority has launched a new square linking Tilal to Al Raqiba in Al Suyoh Suburb, with vehicles accessibility, as a part of the service projects implemented by the Authority enhancing the vital services in the Emirate’s residential areas and regions, and meeting the citizens’ needs and aspirations regarding the paved roads and infrastructure that meets the requirements of population growth in the region.

Eng. Youssef Khamis Al-Othmani, Chairman of the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, explained that this project had two main phases of completion, based on an extensive study including the development of roads and paths from and to the square, which aimed at facilitating the movement of vehicles for the visitors of the two areas, and reducing the traffic jams at peak hours. He affirmed that the Authority uses the latest mechanisms and strategies used in planning and paving roads according to the highest international specifications and standards regarding the infrastructure.

New Road

He also explained that the first phase of the project included construction of a dual carriageway linking Tilal to Al-Raqiba, as the carriageway includes two lanes in each direction with a length of 1.3 km. He added that the Authority completed the works of the first phase by completing the carriageway during 2021.

Dual lanes

The Chairman of the Roads and Transport Authority stated that the second phase of the project included the construction of a square linking the existing roads to the new dual carriageway completed in the first phase of the project, by completing 3 lanes and adding dual lanes for the existing roads at the square entrances as they are single entrances, in order to facilitate and regulate the movement of vehicles in the square.

The traffic was accessible for the residents’ vehicles of the Tilal and Al-Ruqiba, after completing the full project, road markings and traffic signs on the road side, and ensuring the application of all technical standards for traffic safety.

Al-Othmani affirmed that the project has absolute importance resulting from the service provided to the residents of Tilal and Al-Raqiba in Al Suyoh Suburb, and being an actual service project to meet the needs of Nesma Residences, the new project (Masar) and the various housing projects in the city, stating that the Authority seeks to achieve the highest levels of wellbeing by launching paved internal roads and squares linking areas to each other, indicating that the road services and the relevant quality play a radical role in attracting investments and vital residential projects for the emirate. Accordingly, the Authority pays its attention to developing and raising the efficiency of roads and completing other modern and qualitative ones, keeping pace with the comprehensive urban renaissance in the emirate and the increasing population density.