Sharjah opens first Ac bus shelters running on solar power

In accordance with instruction of H . H the Ruler of Sharjah, Road and Transport Authority launched, for this time, airconditioned and environmentally friendly waiting station for bus passenger which coast AED 16 million.

Sheikh Khalid Bin Sulthan Al Qassimi: The project includes the construction of (172) waiting stations,

Abdulaziz Al Jarwan: we are working to streng them the transport sector in Sharjah and to provided it with modern systems.

In execution of instructions of H.H Highness Sheikh Dr Sulthan Bin Mohammad Al Quassimi, member of the supreme council and Ruler of Sharjah Roads and transport authority launched for the first time in Sharjah, The first phase of the project of building airconditioned and environment friendly waiting station for bus passengers. The phase includes the completion of (28) waiting stations in Sharjah in different location in Sharjah, has been opened in the presence of the director of Transport Affairs, abdulaziz Mohammad Al jarwan and some other Directors and managers Sharjah departments and some employees of Sharjah.

Roads and transport authority and concerned Department Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammad Al Qassimi chairman of Sharjah urban planning council said that the council always seeks to achieve the vision of H. H Sheike Dr sulthan bin Mohammad al Qassimi member of the supreme council and rouler of Sharjah in supporting and developing projects that will contribute in providing the highest quality services to the residents of Sharjah and its visitors and to build integrated infrastructure that grantees a decent life for its current and future generation. The completion of the first phase of the (28) stations of the main bus stop on Sharjahs main network as now is duly operated this is a clear indication of supporting the public transport sector and provide it with all the necessary needs, Sharjah urban planning seeks to strengthen the joint institutional work including various official department in orientation of the Emirates of Sharjah. The role of the council is focused on the engineering designs of the bus stations according the best international standards. The council co-operation with Sharjah road and transport authority (28) bus stations out of the total (172) bus stations, will be provided during the first phase of the project using clean energy through solar panels.

Abdulaziz Al Jarwan the director of the authority for transport affairs said: incompletion of the objective if the authority as per its comprehensive plan and strategy that aims to provide the passenger of the public transport with all means of corretort. This is in line of the vision of H. H then ruler of Sharjah and his instructions to create various project . Roads and transport Authority has completed all of the fist phase of the project of constructing air conditioned and environmentally friendly waiting stations for public transport users in Sharjah, under the supervision of Sharjah urban planning council in co operation with Sharjah Electricity and water authority which cost AED (16) million. He added: The authority gave all efforts to support and enhance the means of mass transport the provided system and network of transport with all the new services especially in light of the cultural development and the urban growth witnessed by UAE in general and Sharjah in particular. The development of civilization and then urban growth faced by many challengers like city transport problems such as traffic jam and environmental pollution in all its visual and audio forms, so it I necessary to develop plans and strategies in order to really on developed transport systems that matching with the growth of the civilization of UAE since the modern means of transport are considered as one of the main elements of the economic and urban development in the developed cities. The air conditioned waiting station are the most important efforts of the authority to encourage people to use the mass transport and to consider it as the fist and best choice for their trips.

The director of the authority for transport authority said that : the air conditioned and environmentally friendly waiting stations were equipped with the best modern technologies as well as advanced air conditioning system and T V screen for providing information about bus trips and the available routs and have special design for indoor and outdoor advertising spaces. The capacity of the station between (10) to (15) waiting passengers. All those stations were distributed around Sharjah city according to the existing routs and bus stops.

He added: the authority seeks to provide international innovative and leading solutions to encourage people to use the public transport bus as those station will protest passengers from the not sum in summer while they are waiting for the arrival of the buses and in all other changing of water station are open electronically the public transport users from 6 am to midnight.

Al Jarwan added in details: the automatically started to build the air conditioned station on November 12/2017 in order to achieve its a strategy that aiming to promote the mass transport and provide the best services to locals, residents, visitors and tourist and to encourage them to use public transport net work which will undoubtedly contribute in the development of traffic follow and reduce the present age of accidents on the main roads and streets. As the authority is the keens to establish a network for roads and transport with international specifications matching with the economic, social and urban development that is the currently witnessed by Sharjah, during the coming period and according to the timing schedule, the second phase of the project will start to cover all areas of the emirates. He added that the authority is keen to rely on the renewable energy and clean technologies and the optional use of its resources because of its important role keeping the human health and protecting the environment from prolusion and emission resulting from the use of traditional energy. In order to enhance the levels of environmental sustainability, we depend on the clean energy in the operation of stations as was supplied by the necessary energy using solar panels.

Al Jarwan said that: due to the huge size of the project and its impotents, the project has been divided in to stages to cover all bus stops in Sharjah according to specific program and time plan arcing to develop the public transport facilities in a manner that it contribute in the satisfaction of its users in addition to the continues development in the infrastructure of the public transport traffics. The fist phase of the project includes the completion of (28) air-conditioned station distributed as follows: (6) station on Al Wahda road , (4) station on king Faisal street (4) stations in Al Dhaidh road and Sharjah airport road, (4) stations in Al zahara street (2) station at the clock tower square (2) station on Khalid Bin Khalid Al Qassimi street, (2) station in industrial area street (1) station an Al Orouba street (1) station on university street (1) station Al farfaa area ( 1) station om Al Nahadha area.

In this regard the energy Mr Khalid Al Ali the Secretary Genral Sharjah urban planning council said that : as per the instructions of Sheik Khalid Bin Sulthan Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi , Chairman of Sharjah Urban planning council , we have to continue the innovation and creativity of the urban growth an development in Sharjah that marching with gals of the emirates Indore to achieve the pioneer objectives which promote pillars of the sustainable development.

Al Ali added that: this project is considered as one of the best project that are based on the development plans that are based on the development plans which we have set for upgrading public network, communication and transportation in Sharjah and our continuance provided to Sharjah roads and transport authority for its plan to enhance the experience of users of the mass transport in Sharjah as their number now charged about (40) million passengers for the year.

This plan requires more work, efforts and innovation in order to provide the highest standards of services that contributes in the best life for residents in the Emirate.