Traffic Diversion Permit Request For Main Streets and Intersections

  • Service Description

    This service enables requesting for permit to divert traffic or major intersections, and service streets related to the main streets to carry out construction, maintenance or events.

  • Related Department

    Roads Traffic Engineering Department

  • Required Documents
    • 1. Detailed drawing at a suitable scale showing the current situation
    • 2. A detailed drawing with an appropriate drawing scale showing the proposed diversion, with the appropriate traffic control tools and all traffic safety measures in accordance with the traffic control manual in the work areas approved by the authority
    • 3. Location photos and coordinates
    • 4. Signature of the consultant, contractor and owner of the project
    • 5. No-objection certificate from the concerned authorities (Municipality, SEWA, Etisalat, Town Planning and the Army
    • 6. A copy of the previous permit and the plans, in the event of the permit renewal request with the reasons signed by the consultant and the contractor
    • 7. Phone number and email of the responsible engineer
  • Process Duration

    One Week


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