Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority's website. One of the most prominent services we permanently seek to achieve, is to satisfy our clients through protecting the privacy of all of our clients. Our security & privacy policy is concentrated on the principles related to compiling information and using personal information of the clients. In the light of our being interested in protecting information and data filed by the users, we draw your attention to the following security and privacy policy:

  1. We are committed to protect all the personal information of the clients as per the electronic protection law applicable in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. All personal information shall be available for employees, only whose job nature required them to be informed of such information. Besides, no governmental, semi-governmental or non-governmental entity may view any information which determines the identity of the user without the consent of such user or as per the relevant applicable regulation and laws.
  3. Some information is stored automatically in relation to the visit and is used for contributing to count the visitors number in order to enhance and develop services and respond to remarks and suggestions.
  4. SRTA shall be entitled to periodically amend the information. However, in case of any fundamental changes, a notice in this respect shall be forwarded to the users.