Certificate for practicing the Activity of Bus Rental

  • Service Description

    This service allows the transport companies to practice the transport activity by renting buses without driver as required by virtue of contracts with other companies.

  • Related Department

    Transport Licensing & Franchise Department.

  • Required Documents
    • Completed License Application Form.
    • Copy of valid passport and copy of applicant family booklet.
    • Activity Feasibility Study.
    • Submit bank account statment reflecting the financial position.
    • List of the Applicant's licenses issued by the Economic Development Depatment.
    • Certificate of the reserved trade name reservation issued by the Economic Development Department.
    • If ther are partners:
    • 1. Attach a copy of Memorandum of Association.
    • 2. Copy of passport of partners with valid residence visa (Non Local).
    • 3. No Objection Certificate issued by the sponsor (For the Non local partners).
  • Process Duration
    • 2 Working Days.
  • Service Fees
    • AED 5000.
    • Additional charges of AED (20) for Tahseel Card service and for supporting scientific researches in the Emirates of Sharjah.
    • 50 Fils vat charges.
  • Service Channels
    • Customers Services Gate.
    • Transport Licensing Department.
    • Website.
  • Service Centers
    • Head Office.
    • Eastern Region Office.
  • Service Renewal
    • Yearly.