Issuing No Objection Certificate for practicing the activity of passengers transport by luxury vehicles on demand

  • Service Description

    This service allows the transport companies to submit application for issuing No objection Certificate for practicing  the activity of passengers transport by luxury vehicles on demand based on receiving call from the customer. This service covers the following places for example: malls, hotels, hospitals, commercial exhibitions, Sharjah International Airport.

  • Related Department

    Transport Licensing & Franchise Department.

  • Required Documents
    • Completed License Application Form.
    • Copy of valid passport and copy of applicant family booklet.
    • Activity Feasibility Study.
    • Submit bank account statement reflecting the financial position.
    • List of the Applicant’s licenses issued by the Economic Development Department.
    • Certificate of the reserved trade name issued by the Economic Development Department.   
    • If there are partners:
      • 1. Attach a copy of Memorandum of Association.
      • 2. Copy of passport of partners with valid residence visa (Non Local).
      • 3. No Objection Certificate issued by the sponsor (For the Non local partners).
  • Process Duration
    • 2 working days.
  • Service Fees
    • AED 5000.
    • Additional charges of AED (20) for Tahseel Card service and for supporting scientific researches in the Emirates of Sharjah.
    • 50 Fils vat charges.
  • Service Channels
    • Customers Services Gate.
    • Transport Licensing Department.
    • Website.
  • Service Centers
    • Head Office. 
    • Eastern Region Office.
  • Service Renewal
    • Yearly.