Sharjah Roads hosts “Salamtak Bus” as part of the events of the International Day for Safety and Health at Work

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, in cooperation with the Prevention and Safety Authority, has hosted "Salamtak Bus" as part of the events of the International Day for Safety and Health at Work in order to spread the necessary health awareness among the security officers and workers at the Authority and to spread aware about the risks associated with the occupational health and safety and how to act in accordance with the proper health controls and procedures.

The campaign meets the objectives and responsibilities of Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, and based on its service role towards its staff in order to achieve the highest levels of occupational and health safety for workers.

H.E Eng. Yousef Saleh Al-Suwaiji, Chairman of the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, stated in a press release on this occasion that awareness raising among the workers in the different workplaces to spread aware about the risks associated with the occupational health and safety is primarily a humanitarian act and a national duty based on our values and customs that we had from our childhood, stressing that the necessary precautionary culture should be raised among these categories and we should urge them to effectively adhere to the requirements and regulations of occupational health and how to act in the emergencies and unexpected events in the workplaces in order to protect the public health and ensure safety of others.

He also indicated that the Authority is keen to enhance the mutual cooperation and activate the coordination with all community institutions, especially in respect of the active and positive participations in all local, regional and international activities and events, in line with the Authority’s vision and strategy in this regard, and he appreciated the great interest of the Prevention and Safety Authority in order to execute this campaign and produced it in a suitable society image.

Mohammad Ali Al-Zaabi, Director of Legal Affairs Department, Chairman of Precautionary Measures Committee at the Authority, explained that this event aims to spread awareness on the concepts of prevention and safety, and to facilitate access to that for the categories having difficulties in attending and following up the various awareness programs, and to address the risks associated with the occupational health and safety, and to raise the awareness among these categories regarding the risks that they may face during the work, and to assist them in how to act in such events, and also to provide them with analysis skills and the ability to know and evaluate different risks and avoid the same.

Al-Zaabi stated that the campaign targeted a number of security guards and workers at the Authority, and during this event, the precautionary requirements and instructions were fully applied in order to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, indicating that the targeted categories were divided into groups consisting of small numbers according to a specific schedule of staying inside the bus, explaining that it was sterilized after each group and prepared by the competent persons.

From the most important topics of the campaign, Al-Zaabi confirmed that the bases of occupational safety & health, mechanisms of risk management at premises, the daily inspection procedures, and how to find errors and defects in equipment were considered, in addition to the alarm systems and how to handle the same and exits especially in crisis cases.