The 49th National Day of the United Arab Emirates

The 49th National Day of the United Arab Emirates is a day of enthusiasm, pride for belonging to this great nation, desire for development and progress, enhancement of the development process and maintenance of achievements. It is a day of pride of all the achievements made on our state land, confirming that the "Impossible" approach followed by the wise leadership is not be ceased by any difficulties whatever they are, and that the challenges can be transformed into solutions serving the UAE, the Arab world and humanity is an Emirati task.

However the world is facing more challenges due to the Corona pandemic, the UAE sons, leaders and people, have set out towards the future to build, develop and find solutions to ensure overcoming this crisis safely, so that the UAE has become a destination and a map of excellence, innovation and future directions, and its name is associated with everything related to science, knowledge and precedence at various levels.

At the time when the world was affected by the pandemic that forced most countries to stop their projects and postpone their future plans, the UAE continued to work with determination to enhance its rank on the map of the leading countries in the field of space, when it launched the "Mars Mission" in the First Arab mission to Mars to study the weather and climate in the red planet, and many other successes in 2020.

All these achievements, concurring with the year to prepare for the fifty and the previous ones, are outcome of parents march and are made to establish the state status internationally and to prove that the UAE is able to turn challenges into opportunities.